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Driven by Determination: Mensur Pudic's Journey to Success

About Me

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Mensur Pudic is the founder of Simply Motivated. He advocates that determination is the fundamentals value which has led him through adversity in his life. Mensur was born in Bosnia in 1986 and experienced war at a very young age. At age 8, as a refugee, he came to the United States with his family. He spoke no English and didn’t have any idea what life would be like an ocean away from the only home he had ever known. Over the years, he was able to pursue and experience the “American Dream” through hard work and determination.

About Me

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A goal without a plan is only a dream when you are planning your GOAL you are preparing on how to ACHIEVE it.It’s very important that you have a plan for your goal. You’re more likely to succeed and you’re more likely to save time, energy, and money, therefore a plan is a must. THE PLAN is going to get your mind and your survival mechanism to start thinking of the things that technologies, the people that you’ll need to be able to succeed. THE PLAN will get you to your end result.

Goal Setting

One REASON is we want to stay motivated. We want to stay DRIVEN and we want to accomplish things and get the RESULTS that we want. Most people fail GOALS because they write the WRONG one, to begin with. YOUR GOAL SHOULD BE: Your Desire, Your Passion, Develops You. Now it is your turn. Your ASSIGNMENT is to write your goal card. Find a support system and read your goal every day!


Organizing your thoughts may very well be one of the most challenging organizational projects on which you’ll ever work…now and in future. Choose the method or methods that interest you the most and you’ll be well on your way to organizing your thoughts. Organizing your thoughts may seem like an activity that has to take place when you’re fully awake, focused and present. You may even believe you have to actively think about your thoughts to create some semblance of order and structure.


Communication is a process of exchanging ideas, thoughts, knowledge and information such that the purpose or intention is fulfilled in the best possible manner. In simple words, it is nothing but the presentation of views by the sender in a way best understood by the receiver. The significant purpose of communication is to pass on the information to the receiver in such a manner that it does not lose its significance. At the same time, the message must be received in its purest form.

Our Mission

My Mission

I provide my clients with strategies and tangible resources for them to overcome their mental barriers and live to their fullest potential.

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My Vision

I provide my clients with strategies and tangible resources for them to overcome their mental barriers and live to their fullest potential.

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