From Refugee To American Dream

Simply Motivated has a simple approach to success regardless of age or occupation.

Determination is key!

Mensur Pudic is the founder of Simply Motivated. He advocates that determination is the fundamental value which has lead him through adversity in his life. Mensur was born in Bosnia in 1986 and experienced war at a very young age. At age 8, as a refugee, he came to the United States with his family. He spoke no English, and didn’t have any idea what life would be like an ocean away from the only home he had ever known.

Over the years, he was able to pursue and experience the “American Dream” through hard work and determination.

Despite this early misfortune in life, Mensur used determination and discipline as the pillars to forge himself a path of success. He graduated from William Penn University with a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership and Management, as well as obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and an Associate’s Degree in Psychology at DMACC. After college, he landed a job overseeing millions of dollars worth of transactions with a Fortune 500 company.

At Simply Motivated we believe everyone has the ability to create an environment that generates success and we want to show you how it’s possible. We use and share a proven method of planning, goal setting, organization, and communication. Mensur founded Simply Motivated to help you get motivated and stay on course to meet your goals!

Feedback & Reviews

“I’ve had the pleasure to connect with Mensur a couple of times, and the method he is using to help others achieve their goals is very effective. His client’s goal is also his goal. He goes above and beyond to understand his client on a personal basis, and then does everything he can to help achieve a specific goal his client has. He focuses on quality and always makes sure his clients are taken care of. His background and experience does make him stand out from others! Definitely recommend 10/10!”

- Selma Durakovic

“Mensur that I know is very positive person and very passionate about his clients. His passion to make a difference in the world and his clients life is unbelievable. He puts his heart and soul into helping his clients achieve their goals/dreams. He definitely makes a difference in the lives of others in a incredible experience. He will inspire you to be better and do better!!!!”

- Marizela Usher

“I have been a coach and a mentor for over 35 years, during that period of time I have seen thousands of people and just occasionally you meet some one and you just know they are going to the top, you know thousands of lives will be charged by that person. When I met Mensur, I could tell within a few minutes he has the pedigree that is needed to become a life changer for many people. I am sure we will hear lots of good news surrounding him as he continues to grow and most importantly we will hear from hundreds if not thousands of people who have had a life change from training with Mensur.”

- Ian A Harvey

“Mensur Pudic is a wonderful person. He has been able to overcome so many adversities in his life and has used all of his experiences to help others do the same. His mindset is one of success which allows him to be successful at everything he sets his mind on. He has accomplished everything he has set his mind to, in extraordinary ways and always with a positive attitude and a smile on his face. I had the privilege to interview him in my podcast and he provided amazing insight and inspiration to the listeners and to myself. I highly recommend working with Mensur, if you have the opportunity to do so. You will not regret it. He is a pleasure to work with.”

- Fernanda Torres, APRN, Speaker,

Host of Positive Blueprints and Wellness Wednesday Inspiration Podcasts.